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{hit the road}

May 25, 2010

I think if anyone who knows me personally were to sum up my life in one verbal matter it would be “leaps of faith”. Upon reflection of twenties thus far, I have taken far more leaps of faith than I anticipated. Call it adventurous, ambitious, curious or whatever you may have it. I call it trusting. Trusting Him. Wherever my heart prompts me and where doors start closing I’ve learned to be sensitive to see the new doors opening. Even if they are just a crack, a little ray peeking out of a unknown door, there always always always is one.

This article on Oprah is amazing. Growing Wings.

Yesterday I quit my job. Today I packed. Tomorrow I have thousands of miles of road ahead of me. By weeks end an entirely new life adventure begins…. All of this, this decision, was made 2 days ago.

Until I leave before dawn tomorrow morning, I have been trying to clean out what’s left of the food I didn’t restock last week. Meals today consisted of lots of cereal and almond milk. Speaking of… I put milk on my cereal but when I spoon it up I don’t like milk mixed in. I drink it from the bowl after…..

How do you eat cereal? And how do you respond to following your heart?



May 23, 2010

Imperfections are beautiful. It’s taken me a long, long time to wrap my mind around this notion. For years I strived only for perfection and anything short of that immediately was labeled as a failure. It was almost like a game- school, weight, poise, clothes, hair, relationships and so on. In the long run rather than this false attempt bringing happiness it destroyed so much. Most young women I know are stressing themselves sick over the pathological fear that they simply aren’t good enough or doing enough with their lives. Which is crazy—absolutely flat-out bananas. I felt that way for so long.

The truth however set me free. Slowly…but surely. And it didn’t come easy. I believe we learn best by experience and painful life chaos can break us down only to build us back up into a better version of who we are meant truly to be at heart.

  • We are not perfect; God is perfect
  • We are flawed; God is flawless.
  • God takes his perfection, mixes it with the blood of Jesus Christ, and paints his perfection over our imperfection.
  • God takes his flawlessness, couples it with his strength, and forges it to the flaws that weaken us.

I know who I am. I know when I follow my hearts lead that all will be well for a purpose. I know that doing so brings me joy and not everyone is going to support my choices- that includes family and friends. Once upon a time I felt that I doing what my friends thought was best and being what my family wanted would bring success and happiness. It just does not work that way.

A flower instinctively goes toward the light. It doesn’t spend time worrying if people will mistake it for a weed or if it’s taking too much sun. It wisely and simply follows its primal flower gut instincts to attain its highest level of flowerosity. Conversely, you—and your busy, busy brain—have been programmed to think, think, think—and so you have been ignoring your heart’s instincts. Just like that eagle in its chicken days. It’s when that eagle finally followed its heart that her life finally began to soar.

Today, I am imagining my mind as a beautiful garden. Are you letting yours bloom?

{finally friday}

May 22, 2010

I’m not going to lie, it’s a friday night and I am home bathed in my comfy over  sized pajamas a happy belly and mug of tea with my feet kicked up. Boring as it may sound, it was much needed after such a hectic week. I’ve learned one thing as I entered the work force in my 20’s full time- never do salary again. Overworked and under paid but blessed that I have a job! Talking to my mom tonight about the direction I want to take my “career” and where I could see myself in 10 years. Not where I am now that is for certain. While being in the job I am has taught me a lot about myself I truly feel the time has come to move on.

I know I’m not in the right area for me and one fine example is when I wake up in the morning, the highlight being my daily reading time and my traditional bowl of oats with various add ins to change it up.  This morning it was strawberries from the local farmers market, greek yogurt and natural peanut butter. Filling= happiness before work.

I heard the following song today, The Time In Between and it certainly hit home for me. Leaves a lot to question and lots of faith leaning on God to direct my paths, prompt me in new directions and trust.

Sometimes it feels uncomfortable but I think that’s normal. Life is very mystical. The unknown is rather beautiful. In the midst of it all my motto for this period:

  • weed out the unnecessary {does my job count?}
  • enjoy what I already have {even the littlest blessings}
  • be apart of something {groups, functions, etc}
  • share time for others {aka experience life with others}
  • make time for myself {always always always- the root of good energy}

There is one thing I am certain of. Mr.Prince Charming soon needs to make his way into my beautiful, beautiful life so I’ll have more excuses to wake up on the weekend mornings to bake. I couldn’t help but daydream over that as I drooled, and read Molly’s blog. So inspirational!!

Until tomorrow…. I have a giant bed and la la land calling my name…

Be Blessed…

Hello world!

May 20, 2010

Hello blog world! I’m still working to get this blog up and running, so stay tuned! Please go read the “About” section for more info on me!