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May 25, 2010

I think if anyone who knows me personally were to sum up my life in one verbal matter it would be “leaps of faith”. Upon reflection of twenties thus far, I have taken far more leaps of faith than I anticipated. Call it adventurous, ambitious, curious or whatever you may have it. I call it trusting. Trusting Him. Wherever my heart prompts me and where doors start closing I’ve learned to be sensitive to see the new doors opening. Even if they are just a crack, a little ray peeking out of a unknown door, there always always always is one.

This article on Oprah is amazing. Growing Wings.

Yesterday I quit my job. Today I packed. Tomorrow I have thousands of miles of road ahead of me. By weeks end an entirely new life adventure begins…. All of this, this decision, was made 2 days ago.

Until I leave before dawn tomorrow morning, I have been trying to clean out what’s left of the food I didn’t restock last week. Meals today consisted of lots of cereal and almond milk. Speaking of… I put milk on my cereal but when I spoon it up I don’t like milk mixed in. I drink it from the bowl after…..

How do you eat cereal? And how do you respond to following your heart?

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