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{finally friday}

May 22, 2010

I’m not going to lie, it’s a friday night and I am home bathed in my comfy over  sized pajamas a happy belly and mug of tea with my feet kicked up. Boring as it may sound, it was much needed after such a hectic week. I’ve learned one thing as I entered the work force in my 20’s full time- never do salary again. Overworked and under paid but blessed that I have a job! Talking to my mom tonight about the direction I want to take my “career” and where I could see myself in 10 years. Not where I am now that is for certain. While being in the job I am has taught me a lot about myself I truly feel the time has come to move on.

I know I’m not in the right area for me and one fine example is when I wake up in the morning, the highlight being my daily reading time and my traditional bowl of oats with various add ins to change it up.  This morning it was strawberries from the local farmers market, greek yogurt and natural peanut butter. Filling= happiness before work.

I heard the following song today, The Time In Between and it certainly hit home for me. Leaves a lot to question and lots of faith leaning on God to direct my paths, prompt me in new directions and trust.

Sometimes it feels uncomfortable but I think that’s normal. Life is very mystical. The unknown is rather beautiful. In the midst of it all my motto for this period:

  • weed out the unnecessary {does my job count?}
  • enjoy what I already have {even the littlest blessings}
  • be apart of something {groups, functions, etc}
  • share time for others {aka experience life with others}
  • make time for myself {always always always- the root of good energy}

There is one thing I am certain of. Mr.Prince Charming soon needs to make his way into my beautiful, beautiful life so I’ll have more excuses to wake up on the weekend mornings to bake. I couldn’t help but daydream over that as I drooled, and read Molly’s blog. So inspirational!!

Until tomorrow…. I have a giant bed and la la land calling my name…

Be Blessed…

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